In this episode Chi-Hung joins us to talk about "Carol the Conqueror", family, wrestling, and the origin of the Burbaes (fans of Run The Burbs). 

As always, don't miss it!   

We bring back our episode deep dive format for our favourite episode of Season 1 on Run The Burbs, Raccoon Fever.  It does get a bit spoiler-y on the rest of the season but we talk about a lot of the behind the scenes things we found out from Andrew's IG Lives over the weeks.  

As always, Don't miss it!

We're back at it again.  In this episode we talk about "Run The Burbs" which is Andrew Phung's (aka Kimchee on Kims) new show.  

It's been called the spiritual successor to Kims and there are a lot of great things about it.  We talk about the 5 top reasons why (whether you're a Kims fan or not) you should watch it.

Also we chat briefly about Episode 1 (Blockbuster).. so there are some spoilers ahead!

In our Season 4 Finale, we try to put together "The Story of Ins Choi" that led to the end of Kim's. 

We also time jump 3-4 months later and talk about things like Strays, Run The Burbs, and all the new projects from our favourite people.  

Finally we answer, What is the legacy of Kim's and the big question, what's happening with "What You Talking" now that Kim's is over?

We'd love to hear your thoughts.  Until then, thank you for listening!

This episode we have a special co-host, Chi-Hung (the @kimbits416 community lead, but also @chiofsteel on twitter) a man who doesn't get enough credit for the hardwork he does!

He brings on two HQ-friends - Eugene (@eybyon on twitter) and Emily (@emoleechen on twitter), to chat about Asian representation in North American Entertainment.  

A very insightful episode with some great stories.

Fan-Favourites Jay and Kara are back with special guest Maria (Mike's sister).  Together we discuss "Friends and Family" as well as:

How we felt about Season 5 as a whole?
Did we like this episode as the finale?
What was the legacy of Kim's Convenience?

After a long hiatus, we are back!  (Thanks for waiting)

In this episode our friend Mel (@Colour66 on Twitter, also known as the #QueenOfCBC) joins us to talk about the frequently asked questions about the end of Kim's Convenience.  

We recorded this back in May before all the reveals from some of the cast, but Mel breaks down how she came to her own conclusions (which are spot on).

August 11, 2020


In this #WhatYouTalkingPodcast season finale we've gathered 11 fan submissions.  #KimbitLisa sends us a special submission about her thoughts on Seasons 3 and 4 and shares some great advice for new fans on meeting the cast.

For the first time we are sharing some of the bloopers across the 3 seasons of the podcast, and finally close it off with some final thoughts.

Here is what to expect:

01:30 - Colin (@ColinHollis2) 
06:36 - Matt (@blacktshirt) 
12:14 - Jo (@sajazz) 
20:05 - Marie/Joe   (@MarieG78090917 / @joegalati99)
28:11 - Ann (@AnnChow)
30:36 - Melvin (@haitimelvin)
38:50 - Michelle (@chelleang23)
42:15 - Ximena (@Hi_Xime20)
47:40 - Dawson (@TheWigle98)
56:19 - Michael (@MichaelCyto2010)
1:02:53 - Lisa (@lamchop99 aka #KimbitLisa)
1:34:02 - Bloopers
1:39:00 - Closing thoughts on Seasons 3 and 4, hopes for Seasons 5 and 6, favourite fan moments and the beyond!

In this episode Manda (@mandawhitney on Twitter and also our #REDivas co-host) joins us to dig into this question:

Is Kim's Convenience the Greatest (Sitcom) of All Time ?  (Or is it lacking some fine tuning at this point?)

Truth Bombs galore as we dig into what makes Kim's great and how It Can Do Better. 

In this episode, Chi-Hung (@chiofsteel on twitter and also the brains behind @Kimbits416) joins us to talk about literally every nitty gritty detail that either of us can dig up.   

This includes: 
- a timeline of Kim's events in real-time. 
- Facts about the characters you might have missed
- "What If" scenarios, that may have changed the show. 

Don't miss this fact filled episode

First-time guests Ashley and Jana (@ThatAshleyErin and @whiskynsunshine on Twitter) from the Geek Girls Universe Podcast ( join us as we talk about Simu, Marvel, his future in Kim's and fun casting ideas.  

There are some inside jokes (particularly how Ashley "LOVES" Natalie Portman) which you can catch on the GGU episode I appeared in (, so this episode is almost a Part 2 to that.  Remember to Like/Follow/Subscribe to GGU.

Lots of insightful fun ahead.

(Sidenote: Ashley and Jana are supporters of Team #ShirtlessSimu and do not represent or support #KeepYourShirtOnSimu)

In this episode our friend Mel (@Colour66 on Twitter, also known as the #QueenOfCBC) joins us to talk about the Handy Crew and also every other secondary character in the show.  When Mel's on you can always count on a lot of interesting facts!

July 7, 2020

S3E3 - Appa and Janet

In this episode Eugene (@eybyon on Twitter) joins us to talk about Appa and Janet's character growth through #KCSeason3 and #KCSeason4.  We focus on relationships and where we'd like to see them in future seasons.

We also debut "Now We Talking", a fun Kim's Convenience quiz segment that we had a blast doing.  

In this episode Jay is back with us to talk about whether some #KCSeason3 / #KCSeason4 themes are Asian, Canadian or Comedy.  Also sitting with us for the first time is his sister (and former roommate of mine) Kara.  If I had to pick one person in my life that closely resembled Janet, it's totally Kara (i even told Andrea this).      

Lots of stories, interesting perspectives and of course ... Laughs!

June 22, 2020

S3E1 - Here we go again!

In this short episode Ruby and I talk about #kcseason3 and #kcseason4, favourite episodes and what to expect on this season of the podcast.

Thanks so much for listening, as always tweet me at @mikeyuan82 for feedback.

We close off Season 2 of the podcast with special guests from all over the world.  Adam (, Dan (), Josh (), Yusuf () and Steve ( share why they enjoy the show so much.

Ruby and I also talk about our year and experiences with the cast members and their other projects.

In the #KCSeason2 finale "Handy Graduation" we try to wrap up all the major plots and throw in our two cents.  Returning with us are Manda and Lizette.  

This one is a loaded episode, we hope you enjoy it.

In this episode Andbuty returns for her solo episode to talk about her favourite "Appa's First Text". 
We talk about Technology, Life-Hacks, Pets and her meeting the cast. 

In this episode Chi-Hung (a new guest, @chiofsteel on twitter) joins us to talk about "Good Neighbours". We talk about healthy living, grandmas, Chelsea and more!

Game show superstar Eugene (@eybyon on Twitter) joins us again to talk about "Janet's Boyfriend". This time around he shares his point-of-view as a dad raising his daughter and what this episode means for him. We also have a little fun with something called "Kim Facts" at the end.

The #QueenOfCBC (Mel aka @Colour66 on twitter) joins us again to do a small experiment with the notorious "lolipop spit" and of course we also talk about "New TV".

We have two guests joining us, Jay and Andbuty (who is a first-timer and good friend of ours). With our quartet we tackle "Silent Auction", which is one of my favourite Pastor Nina episodes.

Lizette joins us again from season 1 to talk about Sneak Attack. This was easily one of my favourite Kim's episodes so this was a fun one to record. Hope you enjoy it!

December 23, 2018

S2E7 - We Talk With Tina Jung

In this special episode of #WhatYouTalkingPodcast we had the pleasure to chat with Tina Jung. She is the star of #MeetingMommy, Jeanie Park on #KimsConvenience and a whole slew of roles (check out her IMDB). We talk about her career, her projects, and of course Kim's Convenience.

Hazel (@hazed_0ut aka Janet IRL) joins us to talk about Resting Place. We talk about tipping, how resting places are crazy expensive and Hazel gives Janet some real life advice. Lots of fun ahead.

Jay ( is back with us to talk about Date Night. We talk about growing up in cottage country, the korean community there, and growing up with korean parents. Lots of laughs ahead.

Lisa (aka @Lamchop99) joins us again to chat about "Cardboard Jung". We also talk about meeting celebrities and why the Kim's cast is so special.

Ruby and I talk about how awkward it would have been for Pastor Nina to be the Kim's house guest and that Jung didn't get a fair shot at showing his smarts.

Manda (aka @mandawhitney) joins us again to chat about "Business Award". We talk about her experience meeting the cast, messy roommates and we gush about the performances in this episode. Don't miss this one

We are back! We open up Season2 with our friend Mel (aka @Colour66 on twitter and also the #QueenOfCBC ) as we chat about "Janet's Roommate". Mel throws in some great insight on a few characters and some inside knowledge on "Keith" (aka Ankle Monitor Man, Played by Tony Nappo). **This episode may contain spoilers from the rest of Season 2**

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